Much more than a buzz tool…

29 06 2008

rumorAs I already told you in a previous post, Online Reputation Management (ORM) is all about reputation (not only about buzz).

If it’s important to measure your buzz and see if your (online/offline) marketing campaigns are generating reactions on the internet, it’s even more important to assess if this buzz is positive or negative.

Do you imagine the impact of negative rumors/conversations on your brand/name/company results? With ORM you’ll be alerted when negative buzz will be identified. You’ll then be able to react and (maybe) prevent the fast circultation of the bad news via blogs, forums,… You’ll be able to protect your brand or influence your consumers’ perception.

That’s all about reputation!


B2Win: Managing Brands’ Online Reputations (Press Release)

27 06 2008

B2Win logoBrussels, 27 June 2008 — B2Win (, an independent Press Relations (PR) agency, has just launched an Online Reputation Management service (ORM – Centred on the online monitoring and protection of client companies’ reputations, the service’s originality lies in the firmly innovative approach it offers to marketeers in this field.

Regardless of which ORM solution best suits the specific needs of a business, B2Win can take charge of the 3 e-Reputation phases: the monitoring of the buzz; the analysis of the results; and the actions aimed at stimulating the client’s Web presence or influencing users’ perceptions.

Because you can no longer afford to overlook one key fact: while a large majority of consumers still buy offline, they nevertheless connect to the Internet to carry out research, read test results and consult the opinions of other users. And due to the growing number of web 2.0 applications (like blogs, wikis, RSS streams, forums, social networking sites, etc.) whereby information can be rapidly posted on the Net, indexed by search engines and picked up on by the traditional media, it is a phenomenon that’s rapidly gathering momentum. It’s essential therefore that company bosses listen actively to what’s circulating online.

“For over a decade now, I’ve been managing the reputation of companies in the media and, these days, there’s no denying that the world of the media and the Internet are becoming significantly intertwined,” explains Valérie Léonard, B2Win’s Managing Director and PR Consultant. “The creation of our ORM service is consequently a logical step for an agency such as B2Win, especially as we’ve historically specialised in the IT and Internet sector.”

Download the full version (in English, French or Dutch) here

More than a tool, a service

19 06 2008


If the ORM tools are able to gather all online conversations about your company/product/competitors/etc who is going to check all the results to assess if they are positive or negative, to detect communication opportunities…???

If some tools are able to read the conversations in order to alert when there are negative input, are they able to understand all languages? And what about the acronymes, irony or play on words???

When negative buzz is found who is going to analyze it (source, ranking, external links, positioning in Google results,…)? How do we determine what are the best action(s) to take?

Beyond the monitoring of your buzz, the Online Reputation Management is all about analyzis and actions. It means manual work and human consultancy.

ORM article in Business ICT magazine – 2 remarks

10 06 2008

Business ICT June CoverA nice article about ORM is published in Business ICT magazine (June edition). For the first time of my life since the launch of my PR agency (B2Win) I’m in the article 😉 But that’s not the objective of this post. I read the article carefully and want to share 2 remarks…

First of all most of people talking about Online Reputation Management (ORM) is monitoring web 2.0 media such as blogs, forums, message boards, videos sites, social networks, etc. They just forget to look at the websites. What happens when one of your competitors is critisizing your new product? Are you listening to this negative input about your brand?
Tracking websites pages is a must to manage your e-Reputation!

My second remark is concerning the ORM tools. Whatever the performance of those tools might be they all need manual monitoring to be able to analyse the results. If some of those tools are able to identify keywords to alert marketeers when the buzz is negative. What about irony, play on words, abbreviations, etc?
Besides manual work is necessary to assess the relevancy of the source of the negative input. Based on this assessment you should know how urgent it is to react and what are the right way(s) to respond.

Online Reputation Management, what’s for?

1 06 2008

Consumers use the web to make buying decisions. A large majority of those consumers buys offline BUT goes online to research information, read reviews and get opinions from other users.

Are you aware of what your customers are saying about you? What about your (ex-)employees? What about your competitors? Information travels very quickly across the internet (via websites, blogs, forums, podcasts, social networks, etc.). Are you listening to the online conversations about your brand/your name/your competitors/…?

The Online Reputation Management (ORM) is a wonderfull service that able us to:

  • measure the buzz generated by an online or offline campaign
  • identify communication opportunities (when your consumers are mostly speaking about a topic you never stressed in your campaign)
  • manage/prevent crisis (dealing with negative comments/malicious information on the net)

Through this blog I’ll try to make you discover the all dimension of the Online Reputation Management.

I invite you to join me on this blog to share experience and questions on e-Reputation.