e-Reputation management goes beyond Search Engine Marketing

22 09 2008

One of the most popular questions I got from prospects is “How do you – as ORM professional – compete with Search Engine Marketing (SEM) agencies offering Online Reputation Management?”

Before answering that question, I’d like to add that most of ORM specialists come from eMarketing or PR worlds. As you know I’m a PR. 🙂

As PR my answer is: “When I’m doing ORM services, I’m not PR anymore. I don’t want to limit our actions portfolio to SEO-friendly press release, online press room, PR campaign,… When I’m offering ORM services, I’m ready to give you advice on how to react to online rumor/attacks with ads, marketing, PR, SEM, legal,… tools. Of course I won’t be able to take all the actions on my own. BUT that’s not my job as consultant!”

“When you are looking at most of the SEM e-Reputation Management services you rapidly understand that their only focus is ranking/positioning in search engines. They just miss the global idea of Online Reputation Management such as communication opportunities, brand protection, buzz analysis, etc.”

All right! SEM is a great tool to manage your online reputation. BUT ORM goes beyond SEM!!!



8 09 2008

Let’s imagine you are monitoring a rumor on a blog. You take action and contact the post author/blogger to ask him with arguments to modify his post in order to avoid crisis communication. The blogger does agree and modifies his article. BUT the URL of the post does NOT change so that you don’t receive any alert via RSS.

How do you monitor any relevant change in copy of a webpage ?

There are quite a few desktop solutions to track these changes. BUT I’m looking for web based (ASP/SaaS) solutions. Up to now I’m testing ChangeDetection and WatchThatPage. The only problem with those 2 web solutions is that they alert you every time an element (widgets, tags,… not only copy content) of the monitored page changes.

If you know any of professional web based tool to track change in copy of a webpage ? Please tell me!