You’d better know what you need before starting ORM

8 04 2009


I often hear marketeers asking ORM actions plans. They are facing online crisis/issues and need to take actions. BUT they don’t know who’s talking about them, they don’t know the credibility of the bloggers and they have no idea of what is Online Reputation Management. They just want us to act as a plaster on a wound without diagnosis & treatment.

Before starting ORM you should determine:

  1. your objectives (buzz monitoring, crisis management, looking for communication opportunities, building company reputation, building your boss reputation,…)
  2. your weaknesses in term of communication, products, process,…
  3. what’s your internal resources (who’s is able to communicate on blogs, crisis committee, messages, etc.)
  4. what’s your allied websites (corporate, products, partners, etc.)

Based on this 1st reflexion, we will be able to help you selecting your ORM solution (adapted to your real needs) to monitor your positive & negative buzz. We will then have to analyse the results and the sources as well. And finally we will take actions (if needed).

Good ORM needs expertize and professional process to be efficient!

P.S.: This all process doesn’t take very long. Don’t miss it! 😉