Yes, we can! How social media boosted Obama campaign

24 03 2009

hopeactchangeDuring an IAB Netcafe (March 5, 2009), Antony Slabinck and Rik Lagey (from LBi) demonstrated how Barack Obama used social media in his race to White House.
The “Yes, we can” song became a symbol of this strategy. See LBi post here.

The LBi analysis show us the incredible power of social media as social media are a tremendous communication channel to build communities.

Barak Obama success is the result of people involvment/participation in his campaign. Thousands of actions were organised by anonymous people.

No doubt! Companies will have to build ASAP a “business model” including social media if they want to boost their image and manage their online reputation.


Join my ORM Group on LinkedIn

28 07 2008

I launched an ORM Group on LinkedIn a few days ago.

Please join us to expand your Online Reputation Management network and ideas.

This blog will be our main platform to share ideas and experience.

ORM article in Business ICT magazine – 2 remarks

10 06 2008

Business ICT June CoverA nice article about ORM is published in Business ICT magazine (June edition). For the first time of my life since the launch of my PR agency (B2Win) I’m in the article 😉 But that’s not the objective of this post. I read the article carefully and want to share 2 remarks…

First of all most of people talking about Online Reputation Management (ORM) is monitoring web 2.0 media such as blogs, forums, message boards, videos sites, social networks, etc. They just forget to look at the websites. What happens when one of your competitors is critisizing your new product? Are you listening to this negative input about your brand?
Tracking websites pages is a must to manage your e-Reputation!

My second remark is concerning the ORM tools. Whatever the performance of those tools might be they all need manual monitoring to be able to analyse the results. If some of those tools are able to identify keywords to alert marketeers when the buzz is negative. What about irony, play on words, abbreviations, etc?
Besides manual work is necessary to assess the relevancy of the source of the negative input. Based on this assessment you should know how urgent it is to react and what are the right way(s) to respond.

Online Reputation Management, what’s for?

1 06 2008

Consumers use the web to make buying decisions. A large majority of those consumers buys offline BUT goes online to research information, read reviews and get opinions from other users.

Are you aware of what your customers are saying about you? What about your (ex-)employees? What about your competitors? Information travels very quickly across the internet (via websites, blogs, forums, podcasts, social networks, etc.). Are you listening to the online conversations about your brand/your name/your competitors/…?

The Online Reputation Management (ORM) is a wonderfull service that able us to:

  • measure the buzz generated by an online or offline campaign
  • identify communication opportunities (when your consumers are mostly speaking about a topic you never stressed in your campaign)
  • manage/prevent crisis (dealing with negative comments/malicious information on the net)

Through this blog I’ll try to make you discover the all dimension of the Online Reputation Management.

I invite you to join me on this blog to share experience and questions on e-Reputation.